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      The Facts:

      75 % of college students or more are searching for meaning or purpose in their live

      68 % say they feel unsettled about spiritual or religious matters

      75 % are struggling to understand evil, suffering, and death

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Our Take:

College students are not the only ones. We're all whipping around town in a whirlwind of life philosophies and worldviews that challenge us and our beliefs. From the day we're born to the day we die, we constantly deal with a barrage of questions that are just plain tough. Yet tough is not a bad thing. In fact BigTalk thinks that exploring these difficult questions is one of the best ways to go about living- and making life better.


The world does not change itself; we change it. And in order to change the world, we only need to direct our minds to awareness about the world. Big Talk aims to address the greatest problems we encounter as humans by going beyond the surface and dealing with them at their deepest roots in our minds and cultures.


We believe that the most important project of our times is to open people’s minds, ears, and mouths. We cannot always agree on what is true and false, what is funny or what is vitally important, or how to address the issues we feel most passionate about, but we can agree that thinking deeply about these things gives us more insight, understanding, and creativity to face increasingly complex challenges as they arise in the world. Instead of trying to get everyone to think the same thing, we embrace the fact that we can’t agree. Our differences make us stronger. There is no formula for solving problems serious or small, but we can get better results, faster, with a set of techniques and a grander perspective. That is what big talk is all about.

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What is Big Talk?

Have you ever heard of the term, 'small talk'? i.e. the weather. Well, Big Talk is the exact opposite.

It is the conversations we have with friends, family, and strangers that leaves us feeling alive and more connected.

Doesn't mean there isn't a time and place for small talk, we just think that a balance between the two will make life happier, healthier, and much more meaningful.