Ani Fox

Ani Fox lives in Austin, Texas having both avoided and practiced devout Progressive Judaism on 3 continents.  He identifies as a mystic, does not keep Kosher, barely speaks Hebrew, forgot 2/3 of every prayer he learned for the Bar Mitzvah and believes G-d has bound his eyes and hands.  Raised in an ecumenical atheist household by his pissed off Jewish mother and Deist German stepfather, he got most of his early spiritual instruction from a close family friend who was both Iroquois/Cherokee and a practicing Zen Buddhist.  Despite fleeing his people, his faith and his responsibilities to Judaism Ani, like most Jews who wrestle with the Angel of the Lord, ended up back where he started – Jewish to the bone, devout before G-d and comforted by the soft walls of a shul.  If you need a 10th body for your minyan or if the Gabbai calls and asks for help, he grudgingly show sup and does as requested.  He’s the one arguing with the Rabbi about the minutiae of the Torah and doing his best to understand what the context of the Ancient Hebrew might tell us about the writer’s intentions.  Ani found out  he was Jewish after some nice Christians offered to convert him and he considered punching them.  In university anthropology one of his professors said “culture is what you have after you forget everything.”  In that case, Ani is irrevocably undeniably and absolutely to the core of his soul Jewish.


Ani Fox with Ykiko Sugihara


(in the photo: Ykiko Sugihara, the Widow of Chiune Sugihara - the Japanese Diplomat in Lithuania who personally saved the lives of as many as 10,000 Jews. To find out more about Chiune and Ykiko Sugihara, please click here)