Big Talk leads to Big Action


We want youWe love to talk, but we also love to get out in the world and do stuff. There are so many important ways to be involved in our gov't beyond voting once every four years. We plan to make Nov 4th politcal action day every year, accompanied by free coffee and smoothies.


Imagine the scene - you show up at the local coffee shop and the first thing you see is one of your representatives, waiting to listen to what you have to say. To your right is a table set up with ten key issues affecting your city, your state, your country. Petitions and letters for each issue representing multiple points of view are crying for signatures. Giant lists of all the representatives' phone numbers and addresses encourage you to put them on speed dial, and include tips on the best way to get your voice heard.


To your left, local newspapers make their publication guidelines available and accept submissions for editorials. News outlets are polling random individuals and collecting interviews about the issues, just like they did this November 4th. Perhaps some local bloggers have show up and invite you to comment on their latest epinion.


Organizations have set up booths with pamphlets and sign ups for their causes. You can discover what is being done in your area and how you can be involved. Everything from recycling to neighborhood block party planning sessions to gun safety training courses are invited to share their activist activities with the community.


This is a grand vision, and will require a great deal of planning, organization, and effort. With your support we can make it happen. National companies with a great deal of resources and clout gave away coffee, ice cream, smoothies, and donuts to encourage voters in the national election of 2008. They will surely seek to motivate the public in other civic actions in the future.


Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions, or if you would like to help us undertake this endeavor, by clicking on the "contact us" icon on the right, or email "bigaction[@]"