What happens when we die?

Nick Hambley

". . . Ahhh, this should be easy; nothing like an age old question reduced to a mere page and a half. When approaching death from an intellectual or even emotional perspective we run the risk of seriously minimizing the awesome meaning and depth . . . " [click to read more]


Ani Fox
" . . . I have seen things which clearly are dead and not human – I have no name for them. So death isn't a one way trip. Things go, things come back. . . " [click to read more]

Jordan Myska Allen
" . . . I don't know the sloppy, warm tears and the irrepressible moan that accompanies urgent air trapped in your throat. I don't know the crumpled note, the basketball, and the photograph that strikes like lightening in your heart. I don't know the clenched fists and punched pillows, the broken vase, the wild stares and curses at the sky. . . " [click to read more]

Jian Ying Fashi
" . . .we can also break our karmic bondages and liberate ourselves from our past conditioning. It all depends on what we do at each moment, and it needs to be emphasized and understood that reincarnation (and karma for that matter) is a dynamic process, in which one always has the ability to change one's trajectory as long as one brings forth the mind of clarity and strength . . ." [click to read more]

Sarah Wulf
" . . . To stand in His presence and glorify Him in Heaven is pure joy. Then, and only then, will there be nothing separating us from Him—no sin, fear, guilt, anger. By "us," I mean those who believe and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This does not mean a simple prayer and you're good to go; rather, that's just where it begins . . ." [click to read more]

Mary Ann Clark
". . . To me this is a more appealing form of reincarnation than ether the Asian or American-Pagan forms. What I like about this view of death and rebirth is that it truly values life in the here-and-now rather than hoping for some eventual release through Nirvana or a graduation to "higher planes of existence. . . " [click to read more]

Nashwan Hamza
". . . We all unite in front of God for the purpose of being judged. We will be standing before God in mass much like the gathering of humanity during the Muslim pilgrimage called Hajj. . ." [click to read more]

Andrea Leyton-Mange
Death is life's only certainty. The sad truth is that all of us will die, and not one of us knows first-hand exactly what the experience entails. This isn't the easiest concept to deal with. . . " [click to read more]

Julia Burnsten
" . . .A fair number of current scientists and philosophers, I among them, subscribe to a paradigm called physicalism. Physicalism asserts that everything about the mind — all the thoughts and passions and spiritual beliefs we keep there while we're alive, all the ways our minds and souls and spirits express themselves to us — is explained by some physical system of material stuff. . ." [click to read more]

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