(The majority of the guest writers do not record a video response. If you would like to record a video response to one of their posts, let us know and we'll post a reading on Youtube for you to respond to. Thanks, hope you continue to enjoy big talk!)


Guest Writers

What is a guest writer? We love our regular writers, but we want to make it clear that no one has a monopoly on thinking big. So we invite people involved in the big talk community - whether they are "celebrities," "spiritual teachers" or just "deep thinking individuals" - to prepare a response for our monthly newsletter.

How can I become a guest writer? There is no set criteria - just send us an email at writebig[at]betweenaduck.com

Previous guest writers and topics

(in order of appearance)

Julia Burnsten - What happens when we die?

Catherine Clack - How does race affect your life, and society?

Marcus Pobloske - What am I?

Adrian Frimpong - How do we tell right from wrong?

Jim Nutter - What is your ideal self?

Retired Regular Contributors:

Jian Ying Fashi

Sarah Wulf

Andrea Leyton-Mange