Nick Hambley:
"Because I am undefinable and always subjective,
nothing can be certain.
I am free;
Free to be myself;
I do not have to please anyone,
do anything,
I do not have to breathe.
I do not have to smile,
or care.
The only thing I have to succumb to is death,
And until then I am free..."
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Claire Villarreal:
"I would say I’m an unfolding energetic dynamic with a specific associated physical signature. Really, even the word “I” is pretty clunky when “I” dig down deep enough. “I” am a dance of energy with i tself, perpetuated through time by various so-called independent entities. . ."
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Andrea Leyton-Mange:
"I don't believe that anything in the world exists completely outside the physical realm, and that belief extends to my view of myself. At their basis, our thoughts are just a pattern of neuronal activity. Like anything physical about ourselves, they are partially within our control, but mostly the result of genetics, environment, and chance . . ."
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Jordan Myska Allen:
"We as "individuals" are like body parts just waking up. And the more parts or waves or individuals awaken, the easier it is for the rest of the m to awaken and thereby "awaken" the whole organism - the ocean, the person, or in our case the universe itself . . ."
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Ani Fox:
"Toss a stone in water, you get ripples. Ego, self, name, personality, divine right, special privilege, faith, mission, destiny – these are ripples. The mistake most people make comes from believing the ripples are the water. . . "
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Mary Ann Clark:
"There are many ways to answer the question of who I am, but philosophers and theologians rarely frame their answers in terms of their web relationships. Yet it is our relationships that have the strongest effect on how we beca me who we are today and how we become who we will be tomorrow. . ."
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Marcus Pobloske:
"Humans are sophisticated animals whose lives are meaningful only in that we give them meaning. The meaning we give life is a uniquely human construct. Humans are beings of infinite potential that, unfortunately, exist within the limits of and are defined by their society. . ."
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