Jordan Myska Allen

Jordan's identity is wrapped up in his aspiration to be rock star, his Religious Studies major at Rice University, his family, his intellect, and his enthusiastic optimism about all facets of life.  He was born to a family of four that encouraged him to value freedom of choice, to recognize relativity, and to have an open mind about everything.  His beliefs are a product of his upbringing, his intuition, his feelings, his personal exploration, and especially his experiences.  He does notJordan Myska Allen have all the answers, but he has some great ideas that he loves to talk about.  Jordan believes that everything has some truth to it, but he also believes that some ideas and interpretations of events are false, and he thinks some are more valuable than others.  More than anything he loves to discuss, and he tries to be as open and honest as possible.  He constantly prays and he constantly thanks God.   He meditates everyday.  His congregation/spiritual community is the people who are willing to tell him their beliefs and listen to his (“Wherever one or two of you are there, I am there”).  His preacher/teacher/guru is every conversation he has, every book he reads, every person he meets, and every bit of himself.  In addition to opening your minds, his hope is that his writing, like a beautiful painting, can invoke in you a feeling of the incredibly beauty, love, and potential he sees in the world.