Nick HambleyNick Hambley

Nick is a Religious Studies major at Rice University. He is currently studying abroad at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. He was raised by an ex-catholic agnostic mother and an atheist father. He has been influenced by every person I’ve come across and every experience I’ve had. Buddhism, Freud, Existentialism, 60’s era literature, personal mystical experiences, and his time at Esalen have been very influential on his conscious self and belief system. The only thing he knows is that he don’t knows anything for sure, and even that he cannot be certain of. He tries to stay away from absolutes and honor everyone’s perspective. He attempts to stay open to the lessons that can be learned from all faiths and he has a very keen interest in the meanings and discussions behind the word “believe.” He has spent many a night contemplating the meaning of life and looks for purpose around every corner. He tries to follow his heart and intuition when making decisions. His practices include meditation, yoga, dance, connecting with people, and getting in touch with his authentic self.