When is it appropriate to have sex?


Claire Villarreal:
"In Buddhism, the basic regulations are pretty clear, and they’re twofold: For celibate monastics, just don’t have sex…ever. And for laypeople, sexual activity should be restricted to consensual adults who aren’t in committed relationships with someone else. The underlying principle is that you don’t want to hurt anyone else—or yourself—with your actions of body, speech, or mind. " [delve deeper]


Ani Fox:
"I personally think G*d made us kinky. I hear often about preachers saying "God is watching you." Well sure, G*d likely is. But it's not the use of an anal dildo or porn or unmarried sex that incurs holy wrath. I imagine it's more about adultery, lying, abuse, using other people for selfish gratification, obsession, and so on." [delve deeper]


Nick Hambley:
“There are those who seek to limit sex and those that work to make it safer. There are those who embrace it and those who abuse it. Yet, regardless of such debates, sex remains a vital and necessary human interaction, without which our species could not survive...” [delve deeper]


Andrea Leyton-Mange:
"Like all myths, religious stigmas are usually based on a kernel of truth. Pre-marital sex does pose risks to health and stability, which is probably the basis of the stigma against it in the world's major religions." [delve deeper]


Jordan Myska Allen:
". . . sex is not just about children anymore. It never was just about children – why else would we derive so much pleasure out of it? Why else would women have a clitoris, a sexual organ devoted entirely to pleasure?" [delve deeper]


Nashwan Hamza:
“The Islamic faith mandates a ritual of “fasting” or abstaining for a period of time from food and sex as an exercise of control over these powerful and passionate instincts. The month long fast period is to promote the awareness of the power of these forces and test the followers to see (borrowing from the Seinfeld show), if they are “the masters of their domain”. Eating food not only nourishes us, but also gives us great pleasure. Similarly sex is not just for procreation, but is a pleasure, comforting and bonding people...” [delve deeper]


"to answer your question, i suggest that sex is appropriate at all times of the day. slow mornings and early afternoons are indeed the best times. but really, i'm ok with sex at any hour." [delve deeper]