health care

What degree of health care should society be expected to provide individuals?

How much individuals should be expected to look after their own health? Is is a right? What is the problem, instead of the sympton of the problem? Discuss all this, the new bill, and more.

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How do you define success?

What does society say, and what does that say about our values? How is success changing and what do we want it to be? Is success something to strive for? Does this question pertain to our economic situation? Our perception of safety?

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Experiment #11: Five Minute Meditations

Can you pause for five minutes every hour, every day? What about just one day? What does this say about time, and the things we value? Experiment and then discuss your results on the forum.

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What am I?

"I am "nobody". "I" is the illusion of separateness that allows for competition. "There is no I in team, but 3 in "highlight films." "I am being - a current existence between past and future." Users discuss one of life's deepest questions.

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"Sex is clearly not driven solely by procreative instincts - if it were, there would be no need for the female orgasm or the clitoris. . ." bubblexw challenges the conventional wisdom that sex is driven by procreative instincts.

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