Behind the scenes

These people are helping make bigtalk even BIGGER!



Co-Founders - Jordan Myska Allen and Nick Hambley

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Publicity Director - Alice Townes:
I was born in New York, but went to school in both England and America before college. Choosing to come to Rice was an unusual thing for someone at my high school to do. I started writing in an online journal at that age. It's always been deeply personal for me. I still write in it today. At Rice I've studied the philosophy of religion and art, started a monthly magazine for students, been politically active, and Big Talk is one of the more recent projects where I realize my passion for reaching out to people.


Communications Director - Emma Howell:
I was born in Jacksonville, FL, but spent most of my childhood in the small town of Southern Pines, NC. By the time my senior year rolled around, I was itching to experience a bustling metropolitan city. (Not an easy realization for the parents of an only child, but they knew I was ready to roam.) Last year I fulfilled one of my life goals of living in Paris for a year and even got a research grant allowing me to stay the summer. Next year, I hope to be either teaching in France or learning more in graduate school.


Financial Manager - Amanda Baldi:
It began on a farm, which turned into a suburb. Then I went to college in the Happy Valley. My education took me on a whirlwind adventure through Spain and Europe, up and down the East Coast by train, to Florida for relief and advocacy work, and twice to the Gulf Coast. Now, I'm back in my hometown farmland-turned suburb, commuting to Boston to serve as a grant administrator for a large healthcare organization. Life has been kind, and giving back has been top priority.


Multimedia Director - Marie McKinnon:

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