Big Talk [big-tawk]


(1.) The opposite of small talk.

(2.) The only way we can sit down to engaging conversations about God, death, and sex with Buddhists, Muslims, and atheists.

(3.) An answer to apathy, ignorance, and bigotry.

(4.) Hope for the people who feel that our culture is crumbling under the weight of ignorance and apathy and narcissism and consumerism and all sorts of isms.

(5.) A project dedicated to making big talk commonplace

(6.) late-night philosophical conversations until sunrise; conversations on road trips; at the church retreats; about the moments big and small that remind you that life is interesting after all, that people do have different opinions, and that listening to them and discussing them can be exciting and explosive

- verb

(7.) To engage in or have the propensity for big talk

(8.) Unbelievable reality hitchhiking through language.

(9.) Recognizing that the discussion itself may hold more value than the answers


Origin: Big talk starts with us. Let's revolutionize the way we interact with one another.